Proper Lawn Maintenance

Published on February 24th, 2015

Tips for the Average Homeowner to Maintain a Healthy Lawn:
Mow grass at a minimum height of 3 inches. Longer grass retains more water and allows it to develop longer roots. This will make the grass stronger and more tolerant, allowing it to outcompete those pesky weeds.
– Sharpen your mower blade once a year, touching it up periodically throughout the mowing season. This is a simple way to prevent damage to grass blades.
– Leave mulched grass clippings on the lawn to add nutrients (especially Nitrogen!) back into the soil.
– Core Aeration and a Lime application should be done at least every three years.

Soggy Summer

Published on September 1st, 2018

Holy Cow! What a wet humid summer!  The main issues as summer dwindles down are weeds and fungus problems in turf and ornamental plantings.  The 2018 weed of the year goes to our old friend yellow nutsedge.  This weed LOVES wet conditions.  It is a spiky fast growing sedge.  It can be controlled with a specialty herbicide.  Many trees are shedding leaves now, this is a result of the wet conditions. Leaf drop at this time of year is not a major concern, as trees will begin their move toward dormancy.

Tanger Arboretum @ Lancaster History Campus

Published on February 12th, 2018

The Tanger Arboretum will be offering a nature series in 2018 led by Lancaster county parks naturalist Lisa Sanchez.  Details will be available in a short time.  Come out to the arboretum to bask in the glory of trees and nature.  Learn a thing or two also!